• Yeti Nemesis NBD double (N. GA) loop ~118 mile Run

    I wanted to put on a 100 mile race at Yellow Mountain (cooper creek) next year, but with family issues and a big work project, I don’t have time to work on it right now. Maybe in 2016.

    So in true Yeti style, why not a limited aid extremely hard fat-ass run. Due to it being run in the national forest it will be limited to a small number of runners. Truthfully not many of you could complete it anyway (no offense).

    I call the loop the Nemesis trail because it has a power to make you fail. It has beat me at least 3 times. I’ve completed the loop twice, and a larger loop (90 miles) once.

    No one to my knowledge has ever completed two (or more) consecutive loops (NBD = never been done)

    Type – Fatass
    Entrants – Invitational
    Limit – 25-30 runners
    Difficulty – Extreme/off the charts hard
    Support – Self (lets hope we can get some help for 4 aid stations)
    When – February 21/22, 2015
    Cutoff – 48 hours, but no one will stop you from finishing if you are determined and not injured.
    Start – Woody Gap (Suches, GA)
    Direction – tbd
    Course – AT, BMT, and DRT
    Markings – nothing extra (maybe something at key turns)

    More to come…


  • Nemesis 2 Park, Death Loop Challenge

    Start Date/Time – March 1st, Time=TBD (lots of creepy things on the DRT at night)
    Start – Vogel State Park Visitor Center steps

    Course –
    Coosa Backcountry Trail (CBT, counter clock wise) to the Duncan Ridge Trail (DRT) west to the Benton Mackaye Trail (BMT) (no Skeenah Gap out and back. there is enough pain on this course). Continue to Long Creek Falls and get on the AT heading for Springer Mountain. Take the approach trail to the Amicalola Visitors Center (touch the building, use the facilities, check your gear) turn around head back to Springer. Take the AT to Slaughter Gap, if it’s daylight go up to Blood Mountain for a Kodak moment, otherwise get on the DRT to the first Coosa Backcountry Trail connector. Spit on Blanton rock and continue to the Vogel VC steps.

    Aid Drops –
    1.  BMT/60
    2.  Hightower Gap
    3.  Gooch Gap

    Total Mileage – ~90
    Total time – lets hope under 30 hours

  • Nemesis Run #2

    Amicalola Falls to Woody Gap and back.

    June 22, 2012 6:30am Elevation change 51,383 ~56 miles

    Start: Top of Falls
    Approach Trail to Springer Mt. – Blue Blazes
    Appalachian Trail – White Blazes

    Bearing – Hightower Gap (trail crosses road) – High road fork goes North to Gooch gap
    Bearing – Horse Gap – @ road – left goes to Hightower, Right goes to Gooch
    Bearing – Cooper Gap (Trail crosses road)
    Bearing – Gooch Gap (trail crosses road) N34 39.133 W84 01.930

    Aid Stations
    Marked by orange and lime green tape
    Ammo boxes hung for the night
    1 gallon water jugs on ground – # TBD